Frequently Asked Questions

Goto the HELP DESK for all questions and shout outs, HELP DESK is your one source of support!

1. How do I connect with LANFest?

Discord: Chat, find game buddies

HELP DESK - General Questions and Request, Workshops signups, and shoutout request

Tournament Desk - All things tournaments, Use the Challonge to sign up for most tournaments, checkin in person

Facebook - Post about the event #SACLANFest

Facebook messages and event site support tickets will not be answered during the event, come to the Help Desk.

2. What is Discord?

Discord is our new VOIP of choice for LANFest

Join us on Discord:

Discord is available for WebWindows, Mac, IOS, and Android

Please use your in game name as your screen name so other LAN attendees more easily play with you, and include your seat number i.e. ForceRun A9

This is a PG server, keep it family friendly, read and follow the rules posted on the server. The server requires using a Push to Talk key to participate in Voice channels. 

Thank you Discord for sponsoring our event and being a LANFest Partner.

3. What is the network address where I can download Discord, patches, updates, etc?

Address:    \\patch

LANFest File Server
Backed Up Games & Game Patches
LAN Apps Discord
Access via Windows File Sharing
Powered by extreme Intel SSD Raid on the backbone

4. Will I be able to sleep at LANFest?

Yes, in designated areas and under your table. Do not block pathways or doors.

5. What if there is a server or map not available for a game I want to play?

Come to the help desk and we will try to setup it for you and make an announcement via Discord.

6. I need help with my computer and getting connected to LANFest. Where do I go for help?

The Help Desk is located in the center of the BYOC in the NOC. First stop for all your questions and any issues.

  • Network Connections
  • Power
  • How to Use Discord
  • Install Games or updates
  • Event or Contest questions

The help desk will not fix hardware problems, your system is your responsibility. You will need your seat number (on your badge)

7. Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes and No. Yes there is internet access via the open wi-fi network: LFest_Attendee
Use for you tablet or phone to access this site, and browse the internet.

No you can not game off the wi-fi, as you will not be connected to the LAN and have limited bandwidth.

8. How do I give event feedback?

LANFest wants to know your helpful feedback, please fill out the LANFest Survey
Link will be availble after the conclusion of LANFest Fall 2017