What is a Game Advocate?

We are a group of people who would like to help you find new players to play a game with! The members of a team will make an announcement that we are gathering players in the courtyard throughout the LAN. From there, we will help you get organized with other LANFest players and get you playing on a server. 

Looking for a group?

Just look for the Advocate listed below for the game you want to play, and we will get you playing.

Can’t find the game you want to play?

Let the Game Advocate Supervisor know, and we can make you the Game Advocate for that game! Or just come out while we are gathering players, and we can help find other players.

Game Advocates


Game Advocate Supervisor

Dustin Peterson

Can be found wandering the event.





Robert Martin
Can be found in seat J17






Miguel Rivera

Can be found in Seat J22





Heroes of the Storm

Nathan Johnson

Can be found in Seat A8





World of Tanks

Isaac Johnson

Can be found in Seat A7