• ATLauncher:
  • Before Running the ATLauncher.exe - We highly recommend making a new folder on your C:\ named ATL and then move ATLauncher.exe into that folder to run it from. Example: C:\ATL\ATLauncher.exe

Running the Client

  • Double Click on ATLauncher.exe: LRunning the client for the first time, it will download files needed which can take a few seconds and may restart the client.
     - The first option you will be presented with is Language Selection.
    Choose your language and click on "Save"

  • Next Step: At the Main Menu of the ATLauncher - Click on the Account Tab on the right

  • Adding Your Account: Type in your registered Minecraft account information and click on the "Add" button to authenticate and log in.

Selecting the Pack

Now that you're logged in... Click on the "Packs" tab on the right side of the menu.

  • Locate "Sky Factory 2" on the Left Side
  • Click on the "New Instance" button to bring up new options.

 Installing Sky Factory 2 Pack:

  • We are using the latest version - By default it should want to install the latest version
  • At the time of writing this the version is: 2.3 (Minecraft 1.7.10)
  • Click on the "Install" Button

Selecting Optional Mods - REQUIRED

  • Be sure to put "Checks" on the following "Optional Mods"
  • Lucky Blocks - Dual Hotbar - MorePlayerModels - Vein Miner
  • Click on the "Install" Button to finish the Pack Installation and the downloads will begin!

Once everything finishes downloading you will get the following Message

If you run into any issues or problems, please contact the LANFest Helpdesk Staff for assistance

If you run into any issues or problems, please contact the LANFest Helpdesk Staff for assistance

Playing The Game

How To Start Playing: Now that Sky Factory 2 is Installed you can now play. These next steps apply to anytime you want to play with us on the LAN using the pack or even after the Event, when your at home.

  • Click on the "Instances" Tab on the right of the menu
  • You should see "Sky Factory 2" in the main menu now
  • Click on the "Play" button and ATLauncher will run Minecraft will all the great mods that this pack includes

IMPORTANT: Please note, Minecraft can take 1 or 2 minutes to load up due to all the mods included in this pack. This is normal and shouldn't take more then 3 minutes depending on the speed of your PC/Harddrive its installed on.

Connecting to the Server

Once In Game:

  •  Click on the "Multiplayer" Button at the title screen of Minecraft
  • Now Click on the "Add Server" button

Server Info:

  • Server Name: This can be anything you want as a label in the server listings
  • Server Address:
  • Click on the "Done" button to continue...

Let's Play!

Now you should see the LANFest server in the list.

  • Click on the LANFest Server to highlight it
  • Then Click on "Join Server" button

And... That's it! - See you in Game!

If you have any issues connecting to the server outside of the LANFest Event you can contact FatherOwnage for assistance via email: